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Mix speaker's inc. community
18th-Jul-2009 12:07 pm - MSI project
Yuki & Miki -SAMBA!-
Since I will be able to see Mix Speaker's,Inc. in Japan I wanted to start a little project for them. I know it's really short day until I leave, but I think it'll work. I hope there'll be people that want to participate, so here's my idea;

P R O J E C TCollapse )

If you have any suggestions or ideas please let me know!

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27th-Mar-2009 06:27 pm - Just wondering...
I wanted to know if anyone can record and upload Fish Dance Hour for me every other Thursday or whenever possible. If you can do it let me know.
25th-Mar-2009 06:04 pm(no subject)
Yuki & Miki -SAMBA!-
For all who can get this magazine;

The German magazine 'Popcorn' will come with a Mix Speaker's,Inc. Poster (Abel&Cain outfits) Too bad there's no other article about them in it.

If anyone is interested I could try to get another one.
24th-Mar-2009 10:20 am - Question!
Kiri hearts
Hello, I've been looking for Wonder Traveling lyrics, but when I went back through the entries I could only find Uchuuiro Parasol and little star... (unless I'm being blind, which is possible)

Does anyone have lyrics for the others? Romaji or kanji, or anything really...

Thank you!!
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