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Please support the band as much as you can!

YUKI (Vo.)
MIKI (Vo.)
AYA (Gu.)
Keiji (Gu.)
Seek (Ba.)
S (Dr.)

Mix Speaker's, Inc.(ミックススピーカーズインク)is a Japanese visual kei rock band formed in early 2007. Their members are AYA (Psycho le Cému, ISABELLE), Seek (Psycho le Cému, ISABELLE), Keiji (Kamikaze Boys, ISABELLE), S (Kamikaze Boys, ISABELLE), Miki (SCISSOR, ISABELLE), and Yuki (エグリゴリ - egurigori).
Though relatively new to the Japanese visual kei scene, Mix Speaker's,Inc. rapidly gained popularity throughout the winter and spring, appearing on the front cover of the visual magazine, Cure Magazine in May. Among their distinguishing marks are the two lead singers, Miki and Yuki, and elaborate monster and fantasy themed costumes.

Mix Speaker's,Inc. began preparing to debut on December 1, 2006 from the members of ISABELLE and エグリゴリ (egurigori). They officially started February 19, 2007 and played their first live show at Niigata Club Junk Box on February 23. They played their first one-man, solo show on April 13, 2007 at Shibuya BOXX. Their next set of one-man performances in November, 2007 covering three cities were sold out. Their first single, Mix Speaker's,BOX was released prior to the band's official start, in December 2006.
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